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The Opificio Fortezza del basso – a laboratory with art restoration

You now have the opportunity to learn about the technique behind art restoration in a laboratory specialized in this topic. The Opificio laboratory is a public institute of the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and is located in Florence. It is a global leader in the field of art restoration and provides teaching as one of two Italian state conservation schools. The institute maintains a specialist library and archive of conservation – and it has a museum displaying historic examples of pietre dure inlaid semi-precious stones artefacts. A scientific laboratory that conducts research and diagnostics and provides a preventive conservation service. If you are in to art/restoration and want to learn about the technique behind it - this is the perfect tour. The visit is in English and has a duration of approx. 2 hours.
You can choose between two different head-topics:
1: mosaic, bronze, ceramics
2: paintings, fabric, wood sculptures

Max 20 persons
Duration approx. 2 hours
Fra-pris pr. gruppe 3.506,-
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