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The Bund & Old Town – half day

Take a half day trip in Shanghai with an English-speaking guide where you will visit several sites. The tour is approx. 4 hours and includes transfer back to the hotel. On the tour you will experience:
The Bund is a famous waterfront and regarded as the symbol of Shanghai for hundreds of years. The Bund is in the cultural section of Shanghai that best represents the blending of ancient and modern influences. This renowned waterfront district is the city's most famous landmark. The word Bund is of Anglo-Indian origin meaning "embankment on the waterfront" and you'll experience the definition literally with a feeling of space and openness that you won't find anywhere else in Shanghai.

The Town God's Temple (Taoist temple of a city ruling deity) The style and features of the ancient Chinese towns and streets is still kept here. Here is row upon row of thousands of small stores in the market of the Town God's Temple. The Old Town God's Temple is really well called "the kingdom of snacks".

The price is based on min 10 persons per group.
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