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Day tour to Figueres and Girona - Max. 25 pax

The Dalí Museum in Figueres: Pl. Gala Salvador Dalí 140 km north of Barcelona is the city of Figueres, best known to be the birth town of the artist Salvador Dalí. Take a visit to the Theater and Museum Dalí that contains about 4000 of Dali’s fascinating works – from the early experimental paintings to his late surrealistic works. Dalí lived at the museum until his death in 1989. Today he is buried in a crypt in the basement.
We recommend you to visit the city of Girona during this tour. Girona is located 90 km north-east of Barcelona. Girona was originally a border fortification and was besieged 25 times. Traces of the sieges still exist.
The Jewish Quarter:
The Jewish Quarter has more than 600 years of history and was a Jewish stronghold until the displacement of Jews in 1492. In this neighborhood you will find the greatest attraction of the city, a Gothic cathedral with its stunning stone staircase. The cathedral has still elements of different styles from the 11th century to the 17th century. The cathedral is considered one of the most important Gothic monuments in the world.
The Arab Baths:
Take a visit to the Arab neighborhood where you will see the ”Arab baths” – a reminiscence from the short presence of the Arabs in connection with their conquests. The baths are housed in an old Capuchin monastery from the 1100s. Other attractions are the areas where you find traces of the city’s old fortifications dating back to the Roman Age, and the archaeological museum in a previous monastery.

The price is incl. full day coach to Figueres and Girona (max 10 hours), 16-25 people in group.

We recommend that you book entrance to Dali Museum in advance and before your journey starts.

NB: If you are travelling with own coach or other transport to/from Figueres, and therefore only book reservation to the Museum, you will be charged for a reservation fee.
Fra-pris pr. gruppe 7.243,-
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