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The stalactite caves in Koneprusy are located in the middle of a nature reserve and originate of Czech Karst, approx. 400 million years old.
The caves are believed to have been created in the tertiary period, about 20 million years ago, but were not discovered until 1950. They opened to the public in 1959.
You will see some fantastic rock formations and you will access one of the caves with unique opal-bearing decorations.
The cave consists of three levels, about 70 m under ground-level and more than 2 km long, where 620 m of it is accessible for visitors.
The top level housed a 15th century secret workshop of money forgers. In the caves, numerous palaeontological excavations have taken place, documenting the natural history of the earth of the past 1.5 million years.
In one of the rooms of the cave, you will see replicas of bones from bears, rhinos, monkeys, deer and men that once lived in the area.

Please note that Koneprusy is closed from 1 November to 31 March.
Open all days from 1 April to 31 October.
Koneprusy is situated about 45 km south-west of Prague - coach rent is recommended.

The price per teacher is 13 EUR.
Surcharge for English speaking guide 200 EUR.
Booking fee is charged if entrance is booked without Codan guide
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