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Mandag - fredag 08.30 - 14.00.
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3 hours sightseeing with local guide

Experience the old and beautiful city Verona. Verona has many historical places to visit; the Arena di Verona (amphitheater build before the Colosseum in Rome), the Scala castle and tombs, Juliets balcony (from the famous Shakespeare romance) is just some of the places that is worth to see. The city has for centuries traded in goods transported on the ADIGE river and has been very big in agriculture. Duration is 3 hours.
If you have specific wishes/topics to be covered during the tour or request for specific sights to visit, please let us know when you book.

Coach max 29 people: 496,65 EUR
Coach max 50 people: 638,55 EUR
Fra-pris pr. gruppe 1.596,-
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