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Visit to a Metro depot in Prague

It is natural to use the Prague metro when you want to get around in the city – it carries about 600 million passengers a year.
The Metro history dates back to 1967 when the first sod of one of the city’s many stations was dug.
The last one of the three lines up till now was put into service in 1985 and today there are more than 62 km of track, running mostly underground.
Some of the stations closest to the Vltava River are built deep under the ground. As an example, the station, Náměstí Míru, is located 52 m under the ground and it takes 2½ minutes to descend into the station by the escalator which is about 100 m long.
With this in mind, it would be evident to join a guided tour at one of the depots which will give you a perfect possibility to see where the metro trains are kept and maintained.
Sometimes it is also possible to see a tram workshop specialized in maintaining, repairing and re-designing trams and spare parts.
The guided tour takes approx. one hour, for max 20 people at a time (more participants can be allowed on request.)

The price is on request
Fra-pris pr. gruppe 1,-
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