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Who was Silvio Meier? Opposition in the 20th century.

Shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the anti-fascist activist Silvio Meier was murdered by neo-Nazis in Friedrichshain.
His fate forms the basis of an educational format consisting of five different historic scenarios, all referring to ‘the spirit of opposition, throughout the 20th century of Berlin’.
Topics include: The strike and the uprising on 17 June 1953, dissidents against Stasi, or the struggle to overcome the legacy from Nazi time.
The participants take turn being 'opposition' or 'regime' and will experience a small bite of Berlin history first hand.
The play contain words in German but does not require German language competences.
It’s an ideal opportunity to incorporate some exercise in the education (can be physically demanding) and at the same time solve both group- and individual tasks, mixed with an element of competition.

Teachers are free of charge.
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