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Whale Safari

Whales are diffidently connected with Iceland. In the past it was a big source for the nation to catch the whales but today there are rules for how many whales that can be caught and which ones.
On the tour, you will sail from the old harbor in Reykjavik and stay at the water for approx. 3-3,5 hours. There are whales around Iceland all year around but the peak season is March-November. On board the ship there are materials for school groups to use.
Watching whales is an experience you never forget and a trip to Iceland is not complete without a whale safari. There is a possibility to buy a breakfast package.
If you don’t see whales on the tour, you will be offered a replacement tour. It is a good idea to plan your whale safari one of the first days you are visiting Iceland.
Pris per person 310,-