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Visit the Magro Group Food Village on Gozo

The small Gozo Island has a lot to offer in terms of culture but also many local speciality foods are produced here that would be worth spending some time on. Take a day tour to Gozo and visit the family-owned company, Magro Group, producer and exporter of quality foods. The company was founded in 1916 and the first tomato processing plant was established in 1934. During July and August they produce fresh tomato products, such as freshly squeezed tomato juice and, in the off season, products like catsup, baked beans and BBQ sauce. Besides the tomatoes and the canning operation, Magro Brothers is also known for the dairy products, for instance the Gozitan goat cheese speciality, the cheeselets, their fresh ricotta and various dairy spreads. The Gozitan goat cheese is handcrafted the same way as has been done for generations on the small local farms though they use more hygienic methods today. The tour will take you around in the Magro Food Village where you can watch the production of various tomato products depending on the season. You will also visit the dairy centre and have samples of cheeses. The tour also includes a visit to Savina’s Creativity Centre. Here you can experience the staff at work. Depending on the season, you will be able to watch the infusion of oils and vinegars, the pressing of sundried figs, the production of various antipasti, sundried tomatoes in oil, fruit jams and pure Gozitan honey. You can also witness traditional crafts such as lace-making, candle-making and a selection of kitchen equipment used in the old days at Gozitan farms. Magro Group is today a modern company but pays tribute to old traditions – yet under modern conditions. Please allow for about 3 hours for this visit at three centres. You will travel by public transportation on your own to and from the harbour at Malta, but if you want to hire a bus, please contact your travel advisor.
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