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Vagonetto - Fokis Mining Park

A quite unique attraction and at the same time it’s a very relevant excursion for school groups. The tour is not only about mining but also about Greek local history which in this case is brought alive. The tour starts with a presentation of old and modern machinery used for mining and you will learn about modern as well as old machinery. You will get under the ground to Mine Gallery 850 and brought back to the past on board the old train, Vagonetto which was used by the mine workers more than 30 years ago. Once underground, your tour continues on foot. As you walk through Mine Gallery 850, you will learn how the mining of bauxit (aluminium ore) developed over time. By special effects, you will be brought back in time and experience how the mine workers lived then. You will learn about their hard work, their daily banter and the strong solidarity. The tour takes about 1 hour and this enables you to visit other places in the area. Vagonetto Mining Park is located about 2.5 hours’ drive from Athens. Vagonetto is: · Exciting – You will get under the ground and experience something different for a study visit. · Instructive – You will get an insight into the history of the mine and the hard work of the mine workers. · Informative – You will learn the technical process of bauxit mining step by step.
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