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Tunnel War Museum

Approx. 60 km northeast of Beijing you can visit the ancient World War II tunnels (1937-1945). The tunnels were built by soldiers in cooperation with the local population in 1943 as protection against the Japanese.
Initially it was just cavities with room for 1-2 people but they expanded in all directions and ended with approx. 11.5 km which led from house to house and was called "the underground fortress". Approx. 800 meters have been renovated and opened to the public as well as a 5-storey cannon tower and several houses from the time have been renovated.
Down in the tunnels there are meeting rooms, commands, living rooms, traps, viewing / shooting holes and much more. Entrances and shooting holes are often very surprising and contributing to the tunnels being so effective.
You will also pass the exhibition halls where you here about the war and the conditions and life of the village. It is also possible to watch a movie and hear stories from locals. Get knowledge of how tunnels have been used and been working. Take a walk in the original tunnels, see the area where the village lay and get an insight into a different warfare where soldiers and civilians fought side by side.
Note that the tunnel is very cramped and you should not go down there if you suffer from claustrophobia.
Closed Monday and Tuesday.
Pris per person 2.709,-