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Time Elevator

The show "Time Elevator Rome" is a good, fun and different way to get an insight into Rome's history. The audience is taken on a journey 3000 years back in Rome's history where they are presented to the legends Romulus and Remus, Caesar and Michelangelo and will take a closer look at some of Rome's biggest construction works such as the Colosseum. The film is shown on 3 wide panoramic screens and as the audience you are sitting on chairs that are placed on platforms. These platforms rotate and effects like wind and (a little) water are used during the show so you can feel like you are in the ‘’Old Rome’’. The effects make the performance a more fun experience. Duration is approx. 45 minutes and it can be combined with the show "The Evolution of Life" as well.
This is a journey back to the creation of the earth and humans. The film is viewed through 3D glasses on a 180-degree screen. With effects like wind, water and moving platforms it is a fun and educational performance. The duration of the show is approx.15 minutes.
A performance the younger audience especially will enjoy.
Pris per person 116,-