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The Irish Whiskey Museum

At this museum, you will travel through Ireland's whiskey distillery history starting from the origin of the Uisca Beatha - up to the present revival today.
The guided tour starts with an audiovisual presentation told by your guide and continues through three rooms. The first room is a reconstruction of an old Irish pub an establishment that has always been the center of Irish society. The next room is a Victorian bar with well-known characters from Ireland's whiskey distillations past. The last room has walls covered with whiskey bottles. The oldest bottles are from the early 1900s and the newest are from today's best and most popular whiskey brands.
In the end, there is whiskey tastings with a whiskey expert who guides you through the tasting of a selection of Irish whiskeys. Even if you do not have an interest in whiskey you will finish the visit with a lot of new knowledge about Ireland's general history and culture.
You also have the opportunity to take a selfie with a bottle and a glass of whiskey in an oversized size. If you want to go shopping or have a drink, there is a bar / café where you can enjoy a wonderful view of College Green and Trinity College.

Duration is approx. 1 hour. The minimum age for whiskey tastings is 18 years. Younger participants receive a soda instead.
Pris per person 111,-