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The Great Wall and the Ming Tombs

When visiting Beijing, it’s obvious to get out of the city and experience some of the magnificent historic monuments. A visit to the Great Wall is one of the highlights of your trip to Beijing. The wall is about 6,000 km and was built to keep out enemies. The Great Wall is an amazing structure as it winds through the landscape over streams and mountains. Only a minor part of the Wall is open to the public today, partly because the major part of the Wall has fallen so much into disrepair that it’s not possible to walk there. You will visit the Wall at the ”Badaling Great Wall”. It might be wise to bring a sweater as it can be cold and windy on the Wall. After the Great Wall visit you will proceed to the Ming Tombs, in a valley 50 km north of Beijing close to the ”Badaling Great Wall”. The valley itself is a green area with pines and cypresses. It’s a scenic area where 13 of the 16 emperors of the Ming dynasty lie. All the emperors are buried in gatehouses with a great hall, tower, treasure and an underground palace.
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