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Taksim Solidarity Platform

The Turkish government’s plans to build a new shopping mall in Gezi Park next to Taksim Square started the violent demonstrations end of May 2013. The troubles started when a small group of environmentalists opposed the building of the new shopping mall and later, the demonstrations also opposed Erdogan, the Prime Minister, and his political success. The group, ‘Taksim Solidarity’ is a cooperation platform founded to stop the government’s plans with the Gezi Park and the Taksim Square. Since then, they have become spokesmen of the resistance. The platform organize for instance demonstrations and is supported by 128 associations and enterprises, for instance by Istanbul Human Rights Association, Progressive Lawyers Association, Turkish Medical Association and Turkish Pharmacists association. You will meet one of the above mentioned associations and learn about their activities and the reasons for the platform.
Pris per person 1.451,-