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Bike tour in Florence

If you would like to see the outskirts of city or maybe go up the hills to the viewpoint at Piazzale Michelangelo, a tour on bike is the ideal thing to do. The bike is not recommendable for the heart of the inner city but perfect if you want to go to the beautiful gardens, the hilltop or castles and villas a few kilometers outside of Florence. Duration from Florence is approx. 20 km each way and approx. 7 hours.
It is also possible to rent mountain bikes for sports activities - the area around Fiesole is great and with many biking paths.

Helmet is included in the bike rent.
For sightseeing tours on bike in the outskirts of Florence, a bike city guide is recommended. For mountain bike tours, a bike instructor is necessary. Ask your travel consultant for guide/instructor prices if this is relevant.
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