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Half-day sightseeing with exercises

You now have the opportunity to combine a traditional sightseeing with relevant exercises for the students.
The idea of this tour is to activate the students, as they will remember the history and the stories better when they have found the information themselves.
The tour guide will meet you at the hotel and then you go to the town hall square in the center of Prague together.
The class will be divided into groups of 4 or 5 students. The groups have to do seven exercises, handed to them along with a city map.
When the first exercise is done, the group returns to the guide who will then give the students the next exercise, and so it goes on.
Points are given for each exercise and the group with most points will receive a small gift.
There are different exercises. Sometimes the students have to draw, read or answer questions, and they are supposed to find the answers themselves by seeking out the various sights. The exercises will lead the students to, amongst others, The Astronomical Tower, The Charles Bridge, The Wenceslas Square, The Tyn Church, The Jewish Quarter, Estates Theatre and Municipal House.
It is a different and fun way to learn.

The price is for groups less than 30 people
Price for groups with more than 30 people: EUR 375
The price is includes guide and materials.
Fra-pris pr. gruppe 1.963,-
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