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Golden Circle - 19 persons

Take a day tour at the golden circle and have some exciting stops on the way.
The first stop is: Thingvellir National park and UNESCO world Heritage Site. You will stroll around the country’s most sacred site - home of the oldest existing national parliament in the world, the Alþingi. Thingvellir is a place of fascinating natural beauty, a spectacular geological vista set on a vast plain flanked by large fissures right by Iceland’s largest lake, Thingvallavatn. The Mid-Atlantic rift is clearly visible; a rift that is forming as Iceland is being pulled apart by tectonic forces. Here the North-American and the Eurasian continental plates drift apart by 19mm a year and a rift valley is forming. Next stop is to the mighty waterfall of Gullfoss - the Golden falls - perhaps the most beautiful in the country. Here the glacial river of Hvítá (white river) tumbles 32 meters in a double cascade. On a sunny day a rainbow is very likely in the massive spray. After an optional lunch stop – you will explore the active geothermal area of Haukadalur which contains the geysers Geysir and Strokkur and many other hot springs. Most active nowadays is Strokkur erupting hot water and steam to elevation of 25 meters every 5-7 minutes. Then the tour continues to Skálholt - an ancient bishopric and for centuries the spiritual and educational heart of Iceland. You will pass the greenhouse town of Hveragerði and continue over the mountain pass Hellisheiði - an area with large lava fields and steaming valleys. Passing the geothermal power station Hellisheiðarvirkjun you will learn about how Icelanders use the geothermal energy to produce electricity and hot water for house heating.

The price is for transfer and max 19 people.
The tour is 260 KM - approx. 8-9 hours
Fra-pris pr. gruppe 5.522,-
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