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Segovia-La Granja-El Escorial

Segovia: Approx. 87 km north-west of Madrid you find Segovia, the essence of the Old Castile and definitely worth a visit. The city is particularly known for the Roman Aqueduct which was built to transport water from the Fuenfrá Mountains 17 km down to Segovia. Other great attractions in Segovia: The Alcázar Castle from the 14th century, the 12-sided church Vera Cruz, the Cathedral with its museum, and the Tower of San Esteban from the 13th century.
La Granja: About 12 km south-east of Segovia is the Palace of La Granja which was built in the mid-1800s by King Felipe V. The palace is located 1200 m at the foot of the Guadarrama Mountains. The palace contains fine tapestries, porcelain, and furniture and is surrounded by a beautiful park with artistic fountains.
El Escorial: The impressive grey palace of Felipe II, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, from the year of 1584, is the eighth wonder of the world – at least according to the Spanish. The gigantic construction measures 206 meter x 161 meter and took 21 years to build. The construction complex combines a monastery, church, and castle merged into a harmony of courtyards and corridors and is very beautiful. There are a lot of exciting things to see, including the Royal Chambers, the Courtyard of the Kings, The Royal Pantheon (mausoleum), Basilica and library. The palace is situated in the Sierra Guadarrama district north-west of Madrid.
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