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School visit

We have the opportunity to arrange school visits for you at for instance public schools, high schools, technical schools and commercial schools.
It is always exciting to get an insight into a different culture, experience everyday life of foreign students and to observe the differences in relation to the educational system at home.
The school visit will give you an insight into the everyday life of the students and the learning opportunities offered by Italian schools.
Please note that it may be difficult to have a school visit confirmed and often the visit will be confirmed only shortly before departure.
We recommend you to write a motivated letter in English to introduce yourself and explain the aim of the visit. It is also a good idea to prepare some questions for the Italian students so that you can take an active part in the visit. This would improve our chance of having the visit confirmed.
The schools are located in Rome and you can get there by public transportation.

Please note that school visits are only possible in the period from mid-October to mid-May due to the Italian school year.
Pris per person 484,-