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The university city of Oxford is located 80 km north-west of London and is famous for its place in history.
It’s easy to be seduced by the fantastic architecture of the city, or to be inspired by the intellectual atmosphere of this city, where great writers as Oscar Wilde, C.S. Lewis and J.R. Tolkien studied.
The city is often described as The City of Dreaming Spires – an impression introduced by the poet, Matthew Arnold with reference to the harmonic, gothic architecture of the university buildings – The look of the city is dominated by many other old buildings with spires and towers.
The Oxford University is one of the oldest in the world and has today about 25,000 students and about 1,500 lecturers.
Oxford University is made up of 38 colleges, including Christ Church which is open to the public and can be seen against a fee – but on your own.
We can of course arrange for a guided tour for you, to get the most out of your visit to Oxford.
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