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Ojcowski National Park

50 km North-west of Cracow, you will find the smallest national park in Poland, Ojcowski, along the Pradning river. The park is characterized by small, white limestone rocks, beautiful valleys, gorges, mysterious caves and spectacular rock formations, such as the famous Hercules’ Club. Nearly 400 caves are scattered in the park, among the largest are the Łokietka, Ciemna and Zbójecka caves. One of the caves is said to have sheltered the Polish king whilst fleeing 700 years ago. You can visit the natural museum, the ruins of the castle in the city of Ojcow, located in the centre of the national park. The castle Pieskowa Skala which was founded already in the Middle Age and since rebuilt in Renaissance style in the 1500s can also be found in the national park. Today, the castle is part of a museum. It is a beautiful place and well suited for a half-day walk in natural surroundings.
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