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Meeting with the political party HPD (People´s Democracy Party)

Kurds make up one-fifth of Turkey’s population. They mostly live in the south-eastern regions and in the industrial towns in western Turkey. Kurds make up the fourth largest ethnic group in the Middle East but they have never obtained statehood. The Kurdistan area covers areas in Turkey, Iran and Iraq. The Kurds have fought for their independence in Turkey for more than one hundred years and a lot of people have lost their lives due to the conflict. The Kurds have been victims of massive political persecution and their language and culture prohibited. The UN has chosen to stand aside from the conflict of an independent Kurdish state but strives to improve the rights of the Kurds in Turkey. The HPD Party fights for the rights of the Kurds and for their protection. You will get an insight into the work of HPD and learn how it is for Kurds and Turks to live in the same political area. You will also have an insight into the policy against the Kurdish people, the necessity of the political party and an explanation of the problems of the Kurds.

Pris per person 1.451,-