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Lesson in Gaelic football, hurling or handball – Gaelic Games

The major sports in Ireland include Gaelic football (a combination of football, handball and rugby), Hurling (a combination of baseball, hockey and lacrosse) and handball (sort of like squash, but without a racket) – so, very different from the rugby and football we know, and truly unique to Ireland.
Sports organized by Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) is a popular attraction, but due to the seasons, it is not always possible to attend a game.
Experience Gaelic Games decided to do something about that; if you cannot go to the game, the game will come to you - with you as players.
Here, you will learn about the different sports, the rules, and the skills one must possess to play.
Along the way, videos will be shown and you will get to try a mini-game to show what you have learned.

10 students per coaches.
You have to bring sportswear and shoes, and a towel if you wish to shower afterwards.
You get 3 hours of lessons incl. water, equipment, facilities and coaches.
Pris per person 252,-