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Lecture on Modern Greece

After your visits to classical Greece where you have deepened your knowledge of ancient Greece thanks to the competent guide – you might want to know more about Greece today. How do the Greeks live today? Are they very religious? How about their political system, social conditions, working conditions, tax, housing, educational system, dogs in the streets, Greek youth in relation to ”us”, etc. Don’t leave without getting the answers to all your questions. Book this 2 hours’ lecture and have an influence on the subjects. The first hour of the lecture could be on a subject chosen by you in advance, afterwards half an hour with subjects selected by the lecturer, adapted to the group. Subjects could be: an outline of Greek history, Modern Athens, politics, environment, the nature and flora of Greece, school system, family patterns, health system, the social system, corruption, and the Orthodox Church. The lecture will normally be given at the hotel. Most often, the room hire is included in the price, but in certain cases the room hire must be paid in addition to the lecture. If so, this will be informed when the lecture is confirmed.
Pris per person 1.258,-