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Language school in Barcelona

We can now offer yet another supplement to the technical content of your study tour to Barcelona. i.e. professional training at a language school. Emphasis will be laid on the communicative part, i.e. grammar, expansion of vocabulary, and pronunciation so the students learn to speak and communicate correctly in Spanish. The goal is that they should learn Spanish in a funny and effective way. The training is adapted to the students’ professional levels and their needs, and if they want to focus on a certain subject or area, this is possible. At a lower level, the students could for instance learn how to go shopping at the fair and then try it on their own afterwards? We offer everything from just a few hours’ training to a course during your entire stay, according to your needs and how intense your training should be. The school is located in the heart of Barcelona with 14 class rooms and the students have access to Wi-Fi. We recommend splitting into groups of 8 persons to get the most out of the lessons.
Pris per person 213,-