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Karlstejn Castle

Karlstejn, the possibly best known castle in the Czech Republic, is situated approx. 35 km south-west of Prague, atop a cliff and has a fantastic view of the landscape.
The castle was built in the mid-1300s by Emperor Charles IV. It served not only as a country house for the emperor’s family but also as an archive of state documents and a place to store the crown jewels. Unfortunately, these are not available to the public.
As the bus cannot be driven right up to the castle, due to its location, your visit will start with a beautiful walk along the winding roads to the castle.
Then the tour starts, and you will be led through the private rooms as well as the representation rooms. A guide will tell you the history of the castle and about culture at the time of Charles IV.
After the tour you can take a walk to the nice town below the cliff, where you can visit the small crystal and souvenir shops, or have a mineral water at a nice, small café.
Pris per person 106,-