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Interesting visit at the Slapy Hydroelectric Power Station

The Slapy Hydroelectric Power Station was the first large project of the so-called Vlatva Cascade after the Second World War.
A 65 meter tall concrete dam was built, forming an artificial lake that covers 14 km2 and is 44 km long.
The lake is well-attended by inhabitants of Prague in the summer.
The Power Station also assists the regulation of the Vltava River’s water regime and was put into operation in 1955. It is equipped with three sets of Kaplan turbines.
The Station is located in the heart of the dam with engine room, workshops, and administrative rooms below the four overflows.
Altogether, the visit to the hydroelectric power station is very interesting. The visit takes 1½ - 2 hours plus transportation time.
Maximum 20 people at a time (If more participants, please request).
A bus is needed for this visit.
Pris pr. gruppe 1.742,-