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Innovation workshop

You might know the book, ”Start-up Guide Berlin” that introduces the readers to the most important stakeholders in the start-up environment in Berlin and tells why Berlin is announced as Europe’s version of Silicon Valley. You have now the opportunity to experience the live version of the book – The Start-Up Challenge. Before you leave home you get online access to the book which will enable you to use it as preparation for the tour. In Berlin you will visit one of the book’s spaces for co-working where you will meet two guest entrepreneurs. They will share their experiences of entrepreneurship and why they have chosen to start up in Berlin. Then, they will act as mentors in The Start-Up Challenge. You will now have to solve a problem and found your own start-up company in just one hour! Then you present your own project for the two mentors who also act as a jury and offer feedback on your ideas. During this workshop you have to speak both Danish and English and you also get around subjects as marketing, business economy, innovation and social studies. You have to present a summary but there is also room for discussions. The workshop takes usually place in the evening between 18:00 and 21:00.
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