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High Ropes Park "Proud"

A brand new activity for the ones that want some fun and physical challenges on their study tour.
You start with a warm-up and then the exercises begin – first with easy exercises in the ”low ropes” just above the ground and then the challenges will get bigger and bigger in the ”high ropes” where you will come up high.
There are both individual exercises as well as ”team work” exercises, where 2 or 3 people must work together on an exercise. The highlight is a voluntary individual jump.
The facility has a capacity of 70 people at a time.
High Rope Park is situated in Prague 9, about 30 minutes’ transportation from the city center. There are easy connections with public transport. If you want, you can pay an additional fee for a transfer guide who will accompany you to the site. You will find your hotel again yourself.
Duration in case of 10 to 29 people: three hours and by 30 to 60 people, four hours.
Bring practical clothing and jogging shoes.
Correct safety equipment and qualified instructors are an obvious part of the game. There is always one instructor per 12 to 14 students.
See pictures at www.lanovecentrum.cz (Select Praha and fotogalerie).
Pris per person 145,-