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Guinness Storehouse

The tour of this world famous brewery includes a newly renovated exhibition that shows the history and the secrets of the famous Irish symbol of culture,”creamy stout”.
A guide will start the tour with a short introduction of Guinness and then you will be led through the exhibition area that shows the history in an entertaining way. Note, participants under 18 are not allowed in all areas of the tour.
Along the way you will learn about the origin of Guinness in Dublin, how it developed into a world famous brand, which raw materials are used and how the production has developed.
The exhibition is well made and includes interactive installations.
In the end of the tour, participants will enjoy a Guinness at the top of the building, with a fantastic view over Dublin. Soda will be served for participants younger than 18.
The duration of the tour is 1-1.5 hours.
Pris per person 145,-