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The Kreuzberg community is a melting pot of different nationalities, young and ‘alternative souls’, which makes this neighbourhood an interesting place to visit.
The Turkish immigration to Berlin has had a great influence on the city, and Kreuzberg is often referred to as ”Little Istanbul”. The Döner Safari is an excellent way to experience this part of multi-cultural Berlin as you are sent out to explore the district in a different way.
First, you get an introduction to the neighbourhood and the history of immigration to Berlin. Then you will be divided into minor groups and tasks will be handed to you to solve on your own. The material is in English.
Along the way, some of you have to interview some local residents and other things. If possible, you will also visit the Omar Mashari mosque.
At the end of the tour you will put together a story, group-wise, about the Turkish immigration, in the form of a shared storyboard, that will either be written, drawn, danced or played for each other.
The tour can be booked with or without a visit to the Omar Mashari Mosque.
Please allow for about 3 hours of introduction, task solving and presentation.
Participants will be exploring the district on their own for approx. 1 hour, with a map.
Pris pr. person 105,-