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Donau Bend

The Danube Bend tour is our most popular. The tour is a combination of cultural highlights and fantastic scenery. The Danube Bend is the region from the Slovakian border, along the Danube between the royal cities of Esztergom and Visegrád and down to the artists village Szentendre. It’s one of Europe’s most beautiful river landscapes framed by the forest-clad Visegrád and Pilis Mountains.
The tour takes you first to Esztergom, with the largest church of Hungary as the leading attraction. Esztergom was the residential town for Prince Géza and Saint Stephen. In addition to the cathedral, the old town, Viziváros, is absolutely also worth a visit. Then you go to the castle ruin Visegrád where you can enjoy an impressive view of the landscape and the Danube River.
The last stop at the tour is Szentendre, a small picturesque art and museum village at the Danube. The village was founded in the 11th century under the name Szentendre (= Saint Andrew). The artists discovered the town in 1928 and made it an artists colony. The triangular main square, Fo tér, dominates the town and it’s surrounded by charming and well-preserved houses in baroque and Johnsonian style, with lively pastel colors.
There are many stalls and restaurants everywhere in the cobbled streets – a really charming end of the trip. The price includes entrance fees on your way.
Pris per person 77,-