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Avila-Segovia-La Granja

Avila: Avila, situated 115 km north-west of Madrid, is an impressive fortress from the 11th century. It’s surrounded by a 2.5 km long wall with 88 towers, 8 gates and a thousands bullet holes. Avila is unique in Europe and declared a national monument long ago. Moreover, the old city walls are the best preserved fortifications in Europe.
Segovia: Approx. 87 km north-west of Madrid you find Segovia, the essence of Old Castile and definitely worth a visit. The city is particularly known for the Roman Aqueduct which was built to transport water from the Fuenfrá Mountains 17 km down to Segovia. Other great attractions in Segovia: The Alcázar Castle from the 14th century, the 12-sided church Vera Cruz, the Cathedral with its museum, and the Tower of San Esteban from the 13th century.
La Granja: About 12 km south-east of Segovia is the Palace of La Granja which was built in the mid-1800s by King Felipe V. The palace is located 1200 m at the foot of the Guadarrama Mountains. The palace contains fine tapestries, porcelain, and furniture and is surrounded by a beautiful park with artistic fountains.
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