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Association for supporting modern life – CYDD

CYDD (Association for supporting modern life) is incredibly important for the development of the modern Turkish society considering that this matter has been of no serious interest for many years. The association works to secure the rights of children and women, and human rights in general. Especially in small towns it’s a big problem to persuade parents to send their daughters to school to have an education. The object of the association is to ensure that children, women and individuals benefit fully from their rights and freedom. They also focus on the realization, protection, and development of democracy and the social state of law in a society. In addition to that, they try to promote the development of legal, political, economic and cultural issues in the country. CYDD carry out projects in order to contribute to the development of society in collaboration with professional staff, volunteers and relevant institutions and organisations and they have built for instance a few culture and development centers for women. The association put much emphasis on keeping an impartial position and at the same time work towards their goal. You will get an insight into Turkey’s development in terms of women’s and children’s rights and learn about girls’ education in the past compared to today. Turkey is a country where right is not always right and great irregularities are often found in politics, economy and the general standards of living of the population.
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