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The Argolis Peninsula is a paradise for lovers of archaeology. The region was the centre of power during the Mycenaean period from 1600 to 1200 BC. This tour takes a full day and we suggest the following programme: Start the day by stopping at the Corinth Canal that shortens the sea route from Patra to Piraeus by about 200 nautical miles. The Corinth canal is 6.3 km in length, 25 m wide at its base and 8 m deep. The 6 km wide Isthmus, is the only connection from Peloponnese to the mainland of Greece. Next stop is the ancient Corinth, one of the most important commercial and cultural centres of antiquity. They traded aromas, oil and wine to all over the world. Then proceed to Mycenae and visit the famous ancient site with ruins between Mount Agios Ilias and Mount Zara. The excavations in Mycenae were started in 1874 and the grave finds are organized according to their time of glory. Visit the grave of King Agamemnon and the ”Acropolis” of Mycenae with the Lions Gate. From the top of this area you can enjoy a beautiful view of the mountains. You can have lunch after this visit in Nafplio, situated at the Argolis Bay with a view of the Arcadian Mountains. Náfplio was the first capital of Greece and here you can also find the old, Venetian Burtzi Castle. Náfplio is a very charming city and is surrounded by beautiful nature. Don’t miss the view from the harbour – it’s absolutely tremendous. End the day in Epidaurus, 30 km from Náfplio in the Argolis Mountains. Epidaurus was the luxury health resort of the antique. The local priests knew how to combine the mild climate in the forest-clad mountains with psychotherapy and medical treatment. The well-preserved theatre, which dates back to 400 BC and seats 14,000 spectators, was also part of the cure. By viewing the tragedies, the patients would obtain mental purification. It’s fantastic to experience the old theatre in Epidaurus and it’s very well-known for its exceptional acoustics. You will be amazed by the sight of the large construction, so intelligently designed that the acoustics are absolutely perfect – and without the use of modern technology at all. It’s an open-air theatre offering a view to the mountains and it would be unbelievably fantastic to attend a concert here. You will depart from your hotel at approx. 07.30 a.m. and return at about 6.30 p.m.
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