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Aranjuez: The former summer residence of the Spanish Royal Family is situated in Aranjuez - 50 km south of Madrid. The castle was called the Versailles of Spain and is an oasis of green on the dry plateau. In addition to the castle, Aranjuez is known for its strawberries served with cream. The popular steam train, Tren de la Fresa, running between the Atocha station and Aranjuez in the summer, has lent its name from the strawberries. Toledo: Painters and writers have praised this city for centuries, and quite justified. The greatness, traditions and history of Spain are captured in the puzzle of monasteries, synagogues and palaces. Toledo is 70 km south of Madrid at the Tajo River. It’s an unbelievably cosy city and it has preserved its old charm. The city offers full opportunity to make a professionally relevant visit, especially concerning history and religion.
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